When Might You Need To Visit An Emergency Dentist

If something goes wrong with your teeth, it always needs to be quickly figured out. Tooth pain can be very frustrating and waiting for an appointment at the dentists is not always an option. Fortunately, many private dentists have an emergency dentistry service, which ensures you don’t have to go to A&E and wait hours to be seen.

Hopefully you’ll never have to go to an emergency dentist, but here are some of the concerns you need to tackle quickly and efficiently. Click to know about emergency dentist

Teeth chipped or missing

One of the most common conditions that emergency dentists handle on a daily basis is missing or chipped teeth. It could be that you slipped your tooth and chipped it, or that a tooth got totally loose. To keep it safe and secure, you can place the tooth in a glass of milk or salted water, but be mindful that within 1 hour of it falling out, the tooth would need to be reattached. The dentist will decide whether the damage is merely cosmetic or whether it has also affected the root of your tooth. If it is just cosmetic, the choices open to you will then be addressed.

Loose Fillings & Crowns

Nowadays, filling and crowns are much safer than they used to be, but they can still be dislodged, particularly when the tooth has become more weakened under the filling. The tooth can become very painful in this case, and while it is not a major emergency, you can would want to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. You should visit a dentist as soon as possible when a crown has fallen out, as other teeth may begin to move into the gap created.

From Toothache

From wisdom teeth passing through to abscesses that need to be handled as soon as possible, there are a variety of causes of toothache. Many individuals put off going to the dentist and believe that the pain will go away, but whether there is an infection or anything serious, it is best that you have it checked out. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to treat it. With lightly salted water, you can benefit by rinsing your mouth out – try not to drink it. This can help calm the tooth or gum pain of annoying wisdom.